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Responsibility: people-oriented, quality win

People are the most basic element of all social activities. We respect and care for everyone around us; we must treat work with quality first, not result and efficiency.

Integrity: Treat each other with sincerity, beginning and ending

Treating each other with sincerity is the basis for each of us to recognize and act; to abide by our own commitments, and to do things from beginning to end is one of the basic principles of our standing.

Innovation: Active learning, courage to trial and error

We believe that failure is the best learning opportunity, and active learning among failures and trial and error is the best way to improve personal ability.

Cooperation: equality and mutual benefit, mutual care

We believe that equality is the basis of mutual cooperation. The purpose of mutual cooperation is to achieve common goals. In addition to common goals, we should also care for each other.

Perseverance: wholeheartedly, keep improving

Perseverance is for the pursuit of excellence, and only through dedication and excellence can we solve all difficulties and problems and achieve transcendence.

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