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Pathogen Screening


Pathogen Screening

Product description

Using high-throughput sequencing technology for metagenome and metatranscriptome technology to screen pathogen maps carried in various species

Research content

Broad-spectrum screening for species carrying known and unknown pathogenic microorganisms.

Product advantages

Diverse strategies: For each species, an enriched pre-treatment technology with independent patented technology is used. At present, about 27 species of animal and plant insect host capture systems are stored, which can support customization. After removal, a database is built to effectively improve the detection rate of pathogens.

High throughput: Macromicros has a 100,000-level standard PCR laboratory and sequencing laboratory; ABI 3730XL sequencer illumina sequencer, BGI MGI-2000 sequencer, ABI7500 fluorescence quantitative instrument, low sequencing cost and short cycle

Low sample starting volume: It has ultra-low starting volume database building technology.

Comprehensive information analysis content: with an independent pathogen database, follow the frontier of scientific research in real time, and continuously upgrade the information analysis content.

Personalized analysis: With rich personal analysis experience, you can choose the most suitable analysis software according to the needs of the project, only to ensure the most accurate results.

More new discoveries: Cooperate with relevant units to discover many new viruses.

Rich experience: The technical team comes from the Beijing Institute of Genetics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing Institute of Microbiology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and the Academy of Military Medical Sciences and other well-known research institutes. It has a good technical foundation and has published dozens of articles in the field of genome sequencing (including vaccine sequencing) .

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Institute of Military Medicine, Academy of Military Sciences, National CDC, Heilongjiang Science and Technology Department, Jiangxi CDC, Union Hospital, Beijing Chest Hospital, Military Veterinary Research Institute, China Veterinary Procuratorate, China Food and Drug Administration

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