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1.Yan Chen, Haibo Zhang, et al. Deep sequencing of peripheral blood transcriptome reveals rejection-relevant genes in long-term heart transplantation. International Journal of Cardiology 2013: 3, doi: 10.1016 / j.ijcard.2013.03.095.

2. Shoufang Qu, Licheng Liu, et al. Detection of low-level DNA mutation by ARMS-blocker-Tm PCR. Clinical Biochemistry 2016 (49) 287–291.

3. Feifei Xie, Jie Huang, et al. Sensitive detection of trace amounts of KRAS codon 12 mutations by a fast and novel one-step technique. Clinical Biochemistry 2014 (47) 237-242.

4. Jinyin Zhao, Feifei Xie, et al. Restriction Endonuclease-mediated Real-time Digestion-PCR for Somatic Mutation Detection. International Journal of Cancer 2012: 11 (26), doi: 10.1002 / ijc.27968.

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