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Corporate purposes:

“Precise diagnosis shapes a better life”

  The desire for a better life is the greatest dream of humankind. A healthy body is the primary guarantee for a better life, and one of the greatest threats to life and health comes from disease. There are various factors that cause disease, but the essence can be attributed to the genetic level. Macro life, micro-scrutiny of molecules. We firmly believe that only by developing accurate diagnostic reagents at the microscopic level of genes and molecules can we make life better at the macro level. Keep your heart forever, and you will always be. We will uphold the original intention of “precise diagnosis and shape a better life”, relying on our expertise to develop first-class medical products and services, operate with integrity, and return to society.

Corporate vision:

Provide first-class medical products and services for human health, benefit the society and employees.

Corporate values:

Responsibility: people-oriented, quality win.

Integrity:Treat each other with sincerity, beginning and ending.

Innovation:take the initiative to learn, be brave in trial and error.

Cooperation:equality and mutual benefit, mutual care.

Perseverance:Be wholehearted and keep improving.

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Accurate diagnosis, shaping a better life

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