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Identification of microbial pathogens


Product description

Based on first-, second-, and third-generation sequencing services combined with related technologies such as qPCR to identify pathogens in known or unknown isolated culture samples, obtain whole genome sequences, and perform gene annotation on sequences, ORF division, GC ratio analysis, and sequencing depth Analysis, SNV, analysis of protein conformational structure, etc., as well as personalized and customized traceability evolutionary tree analysis and other services.


Research content

For pathogen sequence identification.


Product advantages

Diverse strategies: In addition to conventional high-throughput sequencing libraries, the sequencing model can be adjusted according to the complexity of the virus sequence to meet customer research needs.

High throughput: Macromicros has a 100,000-level standard PCR laboratory and sequencing laboratory; ABI 3730XL sequencer illumina sequencer, BGI MGI-2000 sequencer, ABI7500 fluorescence quantitative instrument, low sequencing cost and short cycle

There are many types of samples: vaccine strains, wild poison, chicken (duck) embryo allantoic fluid, cultured cell lines, clinical samples, etc.

Comprehensive information analysis content: Follow up the frontier of scientific research in real time and continuously upgrade the information analysis content.

Personalized analysis: With rich personal analysis experience, you can choose the most suitable analysis software according to the needs of the project, only to ensure the most accurate results.

More new discoveries: You can discover new SNVs and study their protein conformation and congruence analysis.

Rich experience: The technical team comes from the Beijing Institute of Genetics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing Institute of Microbiology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and the Academy of Military Medical Sciences and other well-known research institutes. It has a good technical foundation and has published dozens of articles in the field of genome sequencing (including vaccine sequencing) .


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Military Medical Research Institute, Academy of Military Sciences, National CDC, Heilongjiang Department of Science and Technology, Jiangxi CDC, Union Hospital, Beijing Chest Hospital.


Posted articles

Genomic sequencing related literature

1. Wei Feng, Dongsheng Zhou, et al. Dissemination of IMP-4-encoding pIMP-HZ1-related plasmids among klebsiella pneumonia and Pseudomonas aeruginosa in a Chinese teaching hospital. Scientific Reports 2016 (6): 33419.

2. Li Wang, Lei Liu, et al. The first report of a fully sequenced resistance plasmid form Shigella boydii. Frontiers in Microbiology 2016 (7): 1579.

3. Xiankai Liu, Xinpeng Qi, et al. Genome sequence of Bacillus anthracis attenuated vaccine strain A16R used for human in China. Journal of Biotechnology 210 (2015) 15-16.

4. Yuanyua Zhang, Chen Chen, et al. Complete Genome Sequences of Mycobacterium tuberculosis Strains CCDC5079 and CCDC5080, Which Belong to the Beijing Family. Journal of Bacteriology 2011; 193: 5591-5592.

5. Zhao x, Wu weili, et al. The complete genome sequence and proteomics of Yersinia pestis phage Yep-phi. J Gen Virol (2011); 92: 216-221.

6. Wang Jingyu, Wu Weili, etc. Sequence analysis of measles virus CC47 vaccine and comparison with other A genotype virus strains. Journal of Natural Science of Heilongjiang University (2010); 3: 275-385.

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